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Video Release: RESTORE Funded Project

Texas RESTORE program has released a video highlighting the Galveston beneficial dredge project.


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The Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council (Council) is seeking public comment on a proposal to waive the requirements of the Build America Buy America Act (BABAA) for six months in order to provide the Council with the time needed to determine how best to address this new law.


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RESTORE COUNCIL ISSUES PRESS RELEASE: 2022 Comprehensive Plan and Videos

Today the RESTORE Council issued a press release addressing the posting of the 2022 Comprehensive Plan for public comment, as well as the release of videos highlighting several RESTORE funded projects in Texas.


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Release of Videos

TCEQ Executive Director Baker is pleased to announce the release of videos highlighting four RESTORE and Deep Water Horizon-funded projects in Texas. Three of the videos display land acquisition projects and the fourth details a project supporting efforts to provide technical and non-technical training, professional development and work experience in restoration, conservation and resiliency.


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RESTORE Council to Release 2022 Comprehensive Plan for Public Comment

Toby Baker, Governor Abbott’s appointee to the RESTORE Council and TCEQ Executive Director, is encouraging the public to provide comment on the Council’s 2022 Comprehensive Plan.


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Texas Trustee Implementation Group Releases Second Draft Restoration Plan

The Texas Trustee Implementation Group (TIG) is seeking public comment on the Draft Restoration Plan/Environmental Assessment #2: Restoration of Wetlands, Coastal, and Nearshore Habitats; Nutrient Reduction; Oysters; Sea Turtles; and Birds.


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Bkt 2/FPL 3b Approval – $79 million in Funding Approved for Texas

The RESTORE Council approved $302 million in Bkt 2 grants for programs and projects in the Funded Priority List (FPL) 3b.


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2020 Texas TIG Annual Public Meeting Notice

The Texas Trustee Implementation Group held its 2020 annual public meeting on November 4, 2020 via an online video presentation.


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Texas Trustee Implementation Group Annual Public Meeting

The Texas Trustee Implementation Group held its 2019 annual public meeting on December 4, 2019 via an online video presentation.


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Bucket 1 Direct Component: Multi-Year Implementation Plan (MIP) Grants Awarded

TCEQ has received four grant awards from the U.S. Department of Treasury in association with projects included in the Texas Bkt 1 accepted Multi-Year Implementation Plan (MIP).



Deepwater Horizon Project Tracker

The Deepwater Horizon Project Tracker allows you to access a map and information of the restoration, research and recovery projects resulting from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Prepared by the Gulf of Mexico Alliance, the Deepwater Horizon Project Tracker provides project location points and project summaries.


Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund (NFWF)


Learn about restoration funded by the criminal case settlements from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Where the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation is working with state and federal agencies to administer spill restoration.

Government Trustees Restoring the Gulf (NRDA)


Learn about the state and federal Natural Resource Trustees and the efforts underway to restore the resources harmed by the
Deepwater Horizon oil spill through the Oil Pollution Act's natural resource damage process.

Civil Penalties Funding Gulf Restoration (RESTORE Act)

RESTORE Act banner

Learn about the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council, set up when Congress passed the federal RESTORE Act in 2012, to administer civil penalty funding for spill restoration and economic recovery and the Texas RESTORE Advisory Board (TxRAB).